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Moving Checklist

Moving locally, nationally, or even internationally can be so overwhelming that the more planning time you have, the better! Making a moving checklist can make things go much smoother! And, the earlier the moving checklist starts, the more organized you can be.

When creating a moving checklist, here are just some of the things you should plan on completing the following things 6-8 weeks ahead of time: Create a file with all of your important “move” paperwork together; start learning all you can about your new community or neighborhood; get copies of all of your legal, financial and medical records you may need (don’t forget your pet’s records); call your insurance agent and find out what is involved in transferring your coverages; make a list of family, friends and business contacts who may not be aware of your pending move or new address; take a visual inventory of each room and start thinking about what to add to your moving checklist to move, donate, discard or prepare for a garage sale.

As you draw closer to your move date, some of the things to do that should be added to your moving checklist for 3-5 weeks ahead of time are: Begin collecting your moving supplies whether you are gathering donated supplies or purchasing them; go ahead and start packing items that are rarely used or stored for the majority of the year, such as holiday decorations. This is a very good time to add the necessary duty of filing your change of address with the U. S. Post Office to your moving checklist, too! Another few suggestions to add to your moving checklist at this time are to go ahead and schedule disconnect dates for your utilities and make your travel arrangements for you and your pets, should that be needed.

The final two weeks prior to any move are a busy, busy time! And, if you have a moving checklist, this really would be much smoother and everything can be completed without forgetting a thing! Now is the time to contact your bank and close or transfer accounts and to retrieve items from safety deposit boxes, if applicable. Confirm your travel arrangements and plan meals to try to empty the refrigerator so there isn’t much to throw away. Now is the time to finish packing those last minute items and pack a box of important papers and essential items. Pack your suitcases and label anything that should be labeled as “last load” items so that you get to them first! Happy moving!