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When searching for a mover, remember that you are looking for someone to move everything you own! The items that you have worked so hard for; items that cannot be replaced such as family heirlooms and items that your children have made; photographs and souvenirs from various trips; wedding gifts and items and on and on and on…The point is, it is imperative that you find a reputable, trustworthy, licensed and insured mover!

So now you know you are moving and where you are going. What next? Well, should you sit down at the computer and start searching? The answer is an emphatic “NO!” Walk away from the computer when looking for any ol’ moving company and go to your local phone book, local Chamber of Commerce, neighbors, friends, family members, etc. If your intention at the computer is to research how to find a reputable mover, then you can stay online but make sure you read everything. The majority of people who get scammed by a moving company got a quote online that was perhaps even reasonable and then they never saw their things again, or, worse, had their possessions held “hostage,” for a lack of a better term, until the new, much higher price, has been met. Even then, items are often not returned or are returned damage or with multiple items missing.

After you have done the appropriate research and you are actually calling movers to give you a quote and schedule the move, be thorough and prepared and don’t hesitate to ask questions of the moving company you are about to entrust with every single thing you own! Remember, you are the buyer. You should contact, at a minimum, at least three movers for quotes.

Most individuals employed by a reputable mover, whose job it is to give a quote for a move, are usually very helpful and full of information! After the estimator obtains a “rough” inventory of your items – big, small, appliances and boxes – he or she will schedule an appointment to physically come to your house and walk room to room with you. (Don’t forget to include the attic, basement, garage or storage shed on your tour!) The mover’s representative will record everything and calculate an estimate for you; they will explain their insurance policy to you and should leave you plenty of information about their moving company. If they don’t offer to come to your house or say that it isn’t necessary, hang up immediately and remove that company from your list of potential movers!